Monday, 18 July 2011

Nail Varnishes from MUA & E.L.F!

So I only heard about MUA  Academy and E.L.F Cosmetics about a month ago and couldn’t believe how cheap they were so got a little carried away when ordering on their websites. I ordered a few lipsticks, eyeshadows and powders but i mainly ordered nail varnishes. I’m kinda obsessed with nail varnishes ( you’ve probably guessed) and I’m sucker for gorgeous colours and there are loads of lovely shades to choose from and at such low prices I couldn’t resist! 

This first first lot where from MUA and there each a £1, my favourite defiantly has to be the mint green you might remember it from here. I love mint green at the moment i  think it’s really summery! I thought the polishes would chip really easy as there only cheap but they actually do last a good couple of days but i do put a clear coat on so that probably helps!
Second lot are from E.L.F , these cost £1.50 each and give a really good coat of polish. I think i’ll probably wear the chocolate and mauve more in the winter as there quite dark, there’s so many colours I love on E.L.F so I know i’ll probably end up buying tons more. 

                              I’m hoping to do some nail art with the white polish maybe some designs like these:      

this is what the colours look like on: 

Finally I’ve been looking for something to strengthen my nails as they keep splitting I found some cheap nail hardener in body care but i’ve never heard of the make so i don’t know how well it’s gonna work. If anyone knows of any good products or tips to keep your nails healthy please let me know it would be great to hear them :)


  1. Great nail polishes, I really like the blue and green shades! The nail art designs are gorgeous too, love the black and white stripes! I need something to protect my nails too, if you hear of anything good, let me know! xx

  2. I want the MUA Mint Green! The MUA polishes don't last very long (about 2-3 days with base/top coat) but I still love them for a pound!

    xxx Kat

  3. Lovely colours! Milk really helps my nails (lemon if your nails are yellow-y). x hivenn


Thanks for the lovely comments, really appreciate them! x