Friday, 5 August 2011

Holiday Photos... Venice and Rome!

So i'm back from Italy I had an amazing time visiting both Venice and Rome, I took lots of pictures of all the beautiful places I visited. We were lucky to get gorgeous weather throughout, however disapointingly i didn't get much of a tan despite it being nearly 30 degrees most days! Venice was defiantly my favourite and it would be great to return in the future and visit there again!  
How about you guys has anybody visited Venice or Rome before, be great to hear your opinions? Hope you enjoy the photos! :)

Views of the gondolas in the Canals of Venice.

Views of the canals in Venice.

Hard Rock Cafe Venice.

A photo of a couple just got married.

Tourist attracting the pigeons in St Mark's Square.

There was plenty of Shops selling Venice's well known 
 Masquerade Masks


St Paul's Basilica.

Interior of St Paul's.

The Trevi Fountain.

The Colosseum.

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  1. I love Venice ! :) It´s the most beautiful city I've ever visited. Followed :)


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