Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nail Art! Lace Netted Nails tutorial!

It hasn't been long since my latest nail art post, but I really wanted to show you these, recently I saw a photo in Company high street edit magazine of netted nails which really inspired me. I thought it was such a unusual design which I really wanted to try i've done a  photo tutorial just to show u a basic step by step guide... Hope you like them :)

final design 

Step 1
cut small strips of net big enough to cover your nails, leaving a little extra overlapping (you can neaten them off later).
Step 2
 Then paint your nails with one layer of base colour. Don't leave the nails to dry for too long before sticking the netting on as the base colour helps the netting to stick.
Step 3
 Simply allow gentle pressure and press the netting over the top, then leave them to dry for a few minutes. Now you can cut neatly around the netting to neaten them.
Step 4 
Apply a few layers of clear polish to keep the netting in place. There you have it netted nails :) 



  1. These are brilliant, look pretty fiddly though!

  2. These look amazing - really worth the effort!:)

    xo Samantha Grace

  3. They look amazing, I've never tried nail art before but these look like it's worth the effort! x


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