Wednesday, 11 January 2012

D.I.Y Studded Denim!

I know this is is nothing new and you've probably seen this on plenty of blogs before as I've seen a lot of great studded D.I.Y on other people blogs. But I thought it looked so good that I had to try it myself :) I bought these from eBay a couple of months ago but have only recently got round to doing anything with them, I bought them with the idea of using them to update some of my old clothes, so thought they be perfect on my denim jackets. Just thought I'd show you guys and see what you think, I was pretty pleased with them for a first attempt but I'd love to hear your thoughts too?

sorry about the quality of the photos they went a little blurry when I enlarged them :)

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  1. Great studded DIY! I need to try it some time X :)


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